Are you confused about what options you have at the end of your lease?  At Burt Watson Chevrolet, we know that navigating the lease-end process can be confusing and frustrating. That's why we have an expert team of professionals who can walk you through all of your options and guide you each step of the way. Didn't get your lease from us? That's ok!
To make sure you have ample time to make an informed decision, we recommend that you start considering your lease-end options at least 6 months ahead of time.  Our goal is to make the transition out of your current lease as easy and hassle-free as possible.

So what are your options?

Buy or Lease a New Chevrolet:
Want to upgrade to a newer model? Have your needs changed, and now you need a different type of vehicle? At Burt Watson Chevrolet, one of our award-winning consultants will help you find the right vehicle to meet your needs, at a price you can afford. You can browse our selection of new models, take a test drive of vehicles that interest you, and experience our hassle-free, no pressure purchase experience. Whether you need a comfortable car with room for the family, a stylish SUV or Crossover, or even a rugged truck to get a job done, our world-class staff will make the buying process as easy as 1-2-3.

Purchase Your Leased Chevy:

Love your current vehicle and can't stand the thought of parting with it? You don't have to! If you've decided to buy out your lease, schedule an appointment with us for a pre-termination inspection to learn more about what to expect. We'll guide you step-by-step through the process, and our friendly, professional staff can help you get your financing and paperwork completed!

Return Your Leased Chevy:

Your last option is simple: if your lease is up and you no longer want to use your vehicle, you can easily turn it in and go on your way. Whether you leased your Chevrolet from Burt Watson or not, we can help facilitate your return. We'll help you evaluate your lease and let you know if you may be responsible for any excess wear or use charges. You can also schedule repairs with or order replacement parts from us to avoid some chargeable fees.

What's Considered Excess Wear or Use?

* Exterior Body Panels: Dings, dents and scratches larger than four inches on the exterior body panels
* Wheels: Scratches larger than six inches or gouges greater than half an inch
* Tires: Tire removal and replacement with incorrectly sized tires, or any damage to the sidewall, plugs, exposed cords or belts
* Glass: Any type of glass damage, including chips and cracks
* Lights: Any cracked or broken headlights, taillights or markers
* Interior Stains: More than two permanent stains larger than a half inch on any panel
* Interior Burn Holes: Three or more per panel that are larger than 1/8 inch.
* Interior Cuts and Tears: Three or more cuts or tears larger than half an inch on any panel

 Do you have more questions? Call us, We're here to help! (989)868-4181